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Wick Lamp

Wick Lamp

Combining the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight, Wick adapts to and fits a broad variety of contexts, from an intimate home to a desk, to a warm an office space.   Adorn a nightstand table in a guest room, add as an accent in your bookshelf or use as a nightlight on an entry table, Wick is perfect as a gift or for your own enjoyment. Brass Color, Plated Aluminum + Acrylic.


**Cordless, but comes with USB-C charging cord for rechargeable lithium battery. Battery Life High: 12.8 hrs, Medium: 32 hrs, Low: 113 hrs Pulse: 115 hrs. Battery Charge Time 2A Current: 1.5 hrs, 1A Current: 3 hrs

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