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Forever Bae - Permanent Jewelry

14k Yellow + White Gold Jewelry + Stainless Steel Options

Flora Bae Home is excited to start offering Forever Bae Permanent Jewelry!  As the trend of clasp-free jewelry grows we wanted to be the FIRST to offer it to you all in Petoskey!

We call our permanent jewelry styles Forever Bae.   We will start by offering custom bracelets, anklets ( only certain chains can be used due to the nature of the jewelry) and rings in solid 14k Yellow Gold and White Gold. 


We will also be offering a Stainless Steel option eventually, so that we have a more affordable option for the budget conscious consumer.  

You might know this trend as getting linked, zapped jewelry, eternity bracelets, infinity bracelets, or forever friendship bracelets.  We call ours Forever Bae Jewelry.


We take care to use metals that14k SOLID GOLD and TOP NOTCH TECHNOLOGY for long lasting wear--so you can enjoy your new jewelry for many years to come. These will not tarnish or turn color with wear, and they are also hypoallergenic. 

Permanent jewelry can be a sentimental activity to do as a group or with a loved one.  We love the aesthetically pleasing element of simple and dainty jewelry that can be stacked. The experience can be really fun for a girls weekend, bridal shower or family affair! 


We understand that the idea of a piece of jewelry for eternity can be daunting--it's not like it's are a pair of earrings that can be taken on and off, So we want to provide you with all the details before booking your appointmnent.

We are here to help guide you into the forever jewelry trend, no question is dumb so if we haven't answered your question here please feel free to email us ever hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns. 

If you need to cut off your bracelet for any reason, you can do so with scissors where the welded ring is located and schedule a welding appointment to have it reattached, or add a clasp.  We will offer one FREE weld with the purchase of each Forever Bae Jewelry piece.

If the item is removed or breaks within the 60 day satisfaction guarantee policy we will reattach or replace lost items free of charge. Simply book your repair appointment. 

For pieces outside of the 60 day policy,  if the item is still in your possession, and needs to be re-welded a $20 + tax service fee will be charged. 


What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is jewelry that is welded together using a specially designed machine made specifically for welding fine jewelry. This replaces the need for a clasp (hence clasp-less jewelry/forever jewelry).


Does it hurt?

Nope! The spark that is generated during this process is NOT of high temperature and is painless.


Can it be removed?

If the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed with jewelry snips and re-welded if desired.


Does it require any maintenance?

This jewelry can undergo months of wear without needing to be cleansed! To maintain the integrity of the link, aftercare (like polishing and cleaning) can be used to remove debris or build up.


Does it last forever?

Generally you can expect anywhere from 1-10 years depending on the type of metal (14K gold, 14K white gold or stainless steel) you choose. 

Book a private Forever Bae Jewelry Event

Forever Jewelry Parties are a fun activity and can be customized to fit your entertaining needs!  We can assist with food, drinks, party favors, etc... 

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more! 

Thanks for submitting!

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